w/ Lauren Rodz @ Expériences à la Villa des Cent Regards.

solos duos et autres formes de musiques improvisees

Olivier Dumont (gu itare a plat et objets)
Rodolphe Loubatiere (caisse claire et objets)

voici leurs ressacs, leurs petites fissures, leurs feedbacks, et leurs sustains. L’un est toujours guitariste, l’autre toujours batteur. Mais ceci ne veut rien dire puisque chez eux rien ne se joue comme prévu. Et pourtant rien ne se déjoue…. (Luc Bouquet).

Mathieu Garrouste
lecteur a bandes, objets et traitement electroacoustique

After learning the saxophone at the Perpignan Conservatory, his approach now focuses on experimental and improvised music. In 2006 he settled in Paris where he is still working.

Always looking for new sound materials, his self-taught process takes him to twist cassette players, turntables, pick-up mic … from their traditional use to create sound textures based on crackings, feedback, blows, no-input …

He is the half of the duo Bandwidth with the laptop computer player Ayankoko!!! A physical/net release of his work with Bandwidth feat Gerri Jager (Drums) is available on the french label HAK Lo/fi records.


Ianno Ucello
violoncelle et feedback

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfWMX7Uqj1A —————————————————-
objets et taitement electroacoustique

“Ypsmael is an electroacoustic improviser and textural musician, using voice along with baritone guitar and sounds from other live instruments, field recordings, found objects, homebrew electronics, audio detritus and feedback. All are treated and looped just with guitar effects pedals, creating subtle soundscapes, drone swells and noise washes. The Liminal say nice things about him often.”

Merci de venir avec vos provisions
Participation aux frais autour de 5 euros
sur adhesion

Villa des Cent Regards
1000 rue de la Roqueturière
Montpellier Aiguelongue

Tram 2 St Lazare, bus La ronde ou bus L10 /Aiguelongue > Pioch Boutonnet


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