Xavier Lopez:  Ppooll on Max/Msp

Mathieu Garrouste: electronic

Mathieu Calléja: precussions

Thomas Goguelin: DAT

Matthieu Gayon: Max/Msp

Pierre Triscos: Tapes


TEE is a multifaceted band. The performers behind it check in from time to time. Among them are Xavier Lopez, Mathieu Calleja, Mathieu Garrouste, Thomas Goguelin, Matthieu Gayon or Pierre Triscos. The idea of an orchestra was born from the diversity of instrumentation used: a wide range of analog tape recorders and digital diverted, bow on cymbal, “no-input” feedback with small mixers, prepared guitar, turntables, prepared piano, patch MAX / MSP. This diversity of sources, often processed, mix and clash to create an infinite variety of sounds.

This insane ensemble takes up the challenge of creating a complex flow – albeit consistent : a chaotic mix of continuous layers, a waterfall of “objets sonores”.

At times minimal, at times extremely dense, the sound of  Trashvortex Electronic Set is never the same. Focused on the energy of the moment, the group joins to produce massive forms, and to introduce into this machinic trance a confusion of tones. Knowing who produced which sound does not matter anymore: the audience and the band are equal spectators of their transformation, pioneers of the musical chaos thus born.



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